Book Review: How It Rolls (Love and Skate #2) by Lila Felix

Despite the odds, Reed Wolfe is making it, by the skin of her teeth. Her dreams and aspirations will have to wait until she can get on her feet. Because right now she’s homeless and churning on a downward spiral.

Falcon Black is existing. Not living, not thriving, just jutting along a path. But when he finds Reed, he can’t resist the urge to help her, lighten her load. But Falcon tends to go overboard, over the line, crossing boundaries he never thought he would and risking her trust in the process.

Can she accept his love or will it end up smothering her?


Leaving after the previous story, we are now a few years later and this is Falcon Black's story. He's in college, helps out at the restaurant, the bookstore and that's pretty much his life. No dating, no parties, no hanging out with friend etc. it's kind of sad actually. But this might change when he meets Reed. Not really sure what it is about her (her legs are definitely part of it), but he's immediately drawn to her.

Reed has not had an easy life, becoming an orphan at eleven and then seven years of foster care have made her jaded and reserved. Not used to the warm and welcoming personalities of the Black family, she's not sure how to handle it all. When Falcon starts paying attention to her and pretty much overwhelming her with kindness, she grabs onto it like she has been starving for love.

I absolutely adore Falcon! He's the nicest, most caring and giving person ever. Pretty much everything he does is to make someone else happy, be it his family, his friends or even a stranger. Almost an old soul in a young body, he's so mature and selfless. You would be an idiot not to fall for him. The only thing is, he's always been doing this stuff for everyone else, it seems they kind of take that for granted. Plus it has caused putting his own happiness on the back burner. But now finally his chance has come in the form of an orange Poppy.

Reed is certainly no idiot and everything goes pretty wel between her and Falcon. She can't believe how lucky she is. But Falcon him being just him, might sometimes be a bit too much, almost smothering, which might just push her away if he's not careful.

How It Rolls certainly has more depth an complexity than the first one. The things Reed has been through and still is going through, are way more dramatic than some boy or girl leaving you for someone else. Reading about her experiences after foster care and being on her own, make you really think about how she's not the only one this has happened to. Certainly very realistic.

I'm still not really liking the "fake" badass thing, because it is in such huge contrast with the personalities of the characters. This time we do get a written visual of a couple of tattoos, but still no explanation on what they mean. Even though seeing what they are, you can pretty much guess.

How It Rolls was definitely better than Love And Skate for me. A bit more realistic and there was some very needed complexity and drama. The third book in the series (Down 'N Derby) will be Maddox story and after reading a little sneak preview and the teasers on Lila Flex' blog, I believe that will be the best one yet.

This one is my favorite quote of the book and pretty much describes the relationship between falcon and his sister-in-law Nellie.
"Eeuw, Nellie Smellie, get the Hellie of my phone."
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