Tour Review & Giveaway: Falling For Her Soldier (Perfect Kisses #3) by Ophelia London

*I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review*
She fell for the nice guy, but will she fall for the real guy?

Ex-ballerina Ellie Bell has twenty-four days left until her self-imposed man-less year is up. No more falling for the wrong kind of guy—charming, sexy, bad. Why can’t she find someone sweet like Charlie Johansson, her soldier pen pal? His e-mails meant the world to her, and she can’t stop thinking about him…until she meets Hunter, whose muscles and cocky smile threaten to have her relapsing.

Before Charlie “Big Game Hunter” Johansson’s last tour of duty, he’d gone through women like crazy. But after connecting on a real, emotional level via letters with his best friend’s sister, Charlie’s ready for a relationship—with Ellie Bell. But then her brother introduces him as Hunter. Proving he’s no longer a player by becoming Ellie’s dance partner for an Army benefit seems like it could convince both siblings he’s changed, but the harder he falls for Ellie, the harder it is to come clean. Can he convince her to fall for the real him before it’s too late?
Falling For Her Soldier is the third book in the Perfect Kisses series. I haven't read the previous books, but they can easily be read as a stand alone. The characters from the other books are barely mentioned and there is no need to know their entire history.

Ellie Bell (awesome name btw) has had a bad track record when it comes to guys. As in she is capable of picking the biggest jerks and womanizers. So after dumping her latest screw up, she has gone on a men cleanse, no men for one year. To get through that year she has been putting all her energy and focus on her ballet school, turning it into an even bigger success.

Her brother Sam came back from the war injured. And between worrying about him and teaching ballet, she has managed to keep to her men-less year. Well almost. When her brother got injured, someone from his platoon contacted her to keep Ellie up to date with what was happening. Even after her brother got home, Ellie kept contact with Charlie. Silently dreaming of this sweet soldier.

Now Charlie, "Big Game Hunter", is knows as quite the ladies man. His reputation mostly proceeding him and until now he didn't mind it at all. After emailing with Ellie Belle and getting to know her better, he realises he is ready to change his way. So of course he is very nervous to meet her and when he is introduced to her as Hunter, he doesn't correct it. Ellie has already heard about him and immediately writes him off. She doesn't need another player in her life. Charlie holds back the truth for a while so he can convince Elle he is a decent guy and to get to know the real him.

The Warrior Station is on the break of closing as they've run out of sponsors. Ellie Belle takes it upon herself to organise a fundraiser to save it and Hunter/Charlie is going to help her. Since Ellie is a dancer, she decides they will be performing a tango to entertain the guest. Somehow Charlie agrees and well you've all seen a tango, things obviously start heating up between these two. The part about organising the benefit felt short for me. They only had a week the time, but it seemed hardly anything needed to be done and the focus was to much on the dance part. A bit more detail here would have been welcome.

Also Ellie's men-cleanse kept getting in the way of anything serious happening between her and Charlie. Which was fine the first time she brought it up, after a while it just got tiring. She only had like two weeks to go, so I didn't feel the need for her to hold on to that idea and it stalled the romance.

Falling For Her Soldier was an enjoyable read and a very sweet romance. You keep grinning throughout most of the story it is so adorable.

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Truth or Dare: (01/31)

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TRUTH: List all of the books that you have read in January.

DARE: Vlog! Have a family member or friend join you and vlog about anything you want!

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