Film VS Book: Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia


Author: Kami Garcia 

ActorsAlden Ehrenreich, Alice Englert, Jeremy Irons, Viola Davis, Emmy Rossum, Emma Thompson

Synopsis: Ethan Wate is haunted by dreams of a girl he’s never met. When Lena Duchannes moves into his small southern town of Gatlin County, Ethan is inexplicably drawn to her. And he is determined to uncover the strange connection between them, even if it means uncovering the one secret that could change everything.

Film VS Book: This has been one of those rare occasions where I didn't read the book before watching the movie. So before I start comparing the two, I want to say I truly enjoyed the film. It was fun, fast paced, had great actors and wonderful special effects. Alden Ehrenreich plays a great Ethan and he has this adorable (almost geeky) laugh . Alice Englert (Lena) and him have this great chemistry on screen and really have me convinced they are crazy about each other.

Now for comparing the film with the book, there are the obvious differences: the book of course has more details and gives you more background information on everything that is going on. Also some (background) characters have been cut for the film, but except for one (Marian), it didn't feel like a loss to me.

The book is over 600 pages long, which makes the pace sometimes too slow for me, like there is too much time between the different actions. This was absolutely not happening in the film. It went from one action to another, which really build up the suspense for the ending.

The difference between book Ethan and film Ethan I liked the most, was that in the movie Ethan had a lot more self confidence, was more sure about his feelings for Lena and had a great sense of humor that didn't come across in the book. Also the way he and Lena interact in the movie is much more lovey-dovey, really behaving like 16-year olds in love.

One other big difference was the order in which certain events took place, but that was absolutely no bother to me and was obviously necessary to get all the information in the film.

There was one thing I absolutely can't overlook and that is the ending. The end end is the same, but the last 100 pages from the book and the last half hour of the movie are totally different. That final confrontation is what determines what will happen next and gives some information towards the sequel.  I do wonder how that will effect the next movie. Honestly for me it isn't such a big drama, 'cause I really liked what they did in the movie, but I believe die hard fans will have something else to say about this difference.

Certainly one of the better book adaptations I have seen. A couple of differences that are always necessary when you make a film, but it doesn't cut into the magic of the book. If you liked the book, you'll also like the film.

Q: Have you've seen the film and read the book? What did you think of the differences? Liked it or hated it? Let me now in the comments!

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