Review: The Trouble With Goodbye by Sarra Cannon

*I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review*
One night can change everything…

Two years ago, Leigh Anne Davis shocked everyone in tiny Fairhope, Georgia when she broke up with her wealthy boyfriend to attend an Ivy League university a thousand miles away. At school, she finds a happiness and independence she’s never known.

Until one terrifying night takes it all away from her.

With no place else to go, Leigh Anne heads home to reclaim her old life. A life she worked so hard to escape. On the outside, she seems like the same girl everyone has always known. But deep inside, she’s hiding a terrible secret.

That’s when she meets Knox Warner, a troubled newcomer to Fairhope. His eyes have the same haunted look she sees every day in the mirror, and when she’s near him, the rest of the world fades away. But being with Knox would mean disappointing everyone all over again. If she wants to save what’s left of her old life, she has no choice but to say goodbye to him forever.

Only, the trouble with goodbye is that sometimes it’s about courage and sometimes it’s about fear. And sometimes you’re too broken to know the difference until it’s too late.
Leigh Anne is moving back to Fairhope for the Summer, which means having to stay with her parents and mostly her condescending mother. If college wasn't a worse option, she wouldn't be here. She's hoping being home, hanging out with her friends and maybe even her ex-boyfriend would help to find her some normalcy. Quickly she realizes she can't do normal anymore. What has happened at college has changed her, when everyone in Fairhope has stayed exactly the same.

On her first night she meets Knox and when he plays her shining knight in armor, with her all slobbering over his t-shirt without any complaints from him, she knows he's something different. Still he's not the happy go lucky he at first seems to be, his eyes are hiding something. Slowly they grow closer together, not letting other people's opinions stopping them, and maybe they even let each other in on their secrets. But when the trouble from campus seems to follow Leigh Anne to Fairhope, all might be threatened and difficult choices will need to be made.

The Trouble With Goodbye is an interesting book and discusses a very difficult topic. While you might want to know more about Knox and how hot he is etc., the main focus doesn't lay on that blooming relationship. I feel it's more about Leigh Anne, how she deals with everything that has happened, how she has to learn not to let other people dictate her, how she has to come to peace with herself ... even saying goodbye to her old self. Which is with great difficulty when your previous life was so easy and drama free.

Overall a nice read, but I wasn't wowed. If you like the New Adult genre and want a little bit more depth to the stories, then The Trouble With Goodbye is a book for you.

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