Review: Animate Me by Ruth Clampett

*I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review*
She seemed far beyond his reach…could love draw them together? For years shy animator Nathan has carried a torch for Brooke, the beautiful and dynamic Director of Development at their animation studio, even creating B-Girl, a comic-book heroine in her likeness. When a new project throws the two of them together, lovestruck Nathan finally seizes his moment – only to find Arnauld, head of the animation studio, claiming exclusive rights to Brooke’s affections.

But Nathan, it turns out, is not giving up on his dreams so easily. With inspired determination, he sets out to be the super hero of wooing his girl. Threatened by his persistence, Arnauld plays dirty – only to spark an uprising at the studio that unleashes the sort of havoc only a building full of frustrated animators can create. While Nathan pulls out all the stops to win his B-girl, Brooke has to choose. Should she pursue the sparkling career that has taken her years to build…or follow her heart?

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I want to start of with saying how much I love the cover of this book. It makes me totally geek out. Also those kind of drawings appear in the book as well. Brooke has been on Nathan's radar since she started working at their studio. Secretly crushing from afar, he finally has a chance to get closer to her.

It pretty much all starts of with him bringing her coffee everyday from his daily Starbucks run. Since she usually doesn't have the time, he brings them to the office. Each cup she receives has a different drawing. It's so adorable! Now it's not only about the coffee, they also talk about random stuff. That is how Brooke finds out Nathan has a crush on someone from the office. Except she thinks it's someone from animation, having no clue it is her.

Nathan has very little experience when it comes to women and in one of his word vomits, he confesses this to Brooke. She takes this up as an opportunity to teach him, often really hands-on. Like really with hands on each other or lips or other body parts. Did not really see that one coming!

There is just a couple of things that might go wrong here. Brooke is in an open relationship with Arnaud, but when it comes really to it, might not be as open as Brooke thought. Let's just say Arnaud can get quite territorial and jealous. Also Brooke keeps believing Nathan has feelings for someone else and he's afraid that if he comes clean, Brooke might not forgive him. Then there is this one little thing about his comic book B-girl, which is turning out to be really successful, that Brooke might not like. It is based on her appearance. This might go two ways, she's either flattered or thinks he's some freaky stalker type.

So lots of drama, but also lots of fun and original character and plot twists. I really liked the sexy scenes as well, certainly since I didn't expect most of them. Who knew such talents were hidden behind those geeky glasses. It was definitely a fun read, not over the top and just geeky enough.

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