Truth or Dare (11/15)

Truth or Dare is a weekly meme invented by Jenna Does Books. Each week she gives you the choice between (obvious) a Truth or a Dare. You are allowed to do both, for the brave.

TRUTH: What are the top 3 worst things about being a blogger?
  1. The lack of time. That's what has happened the first time. I was  doing so many things at once and it got all too much. The blog took up a bit too much time, when I needed to study. Moderation is key apparently.
  2. This relates to the first. Keeping up with all the books. It seems there are at least 3 books a day released that I want to read. My TBR list is on endless mode! So sometimes I just want to read and say "read this" or "don't even dare to start that", without having to go all in detail of why. Making choices between all those books is harder than I thought.
  3. Being different than the rest out there. Everyone is unique and all that, but getting noticed online and not being just another book blog, this might even be the hardest part.
So that was my truth. Maybe not really the worst things about being a blogger, than rather the hardest parts. They're definitely first world problems, I get that. Just sometimes when you have something to say, say it :)

DARE: Vlog! SING the summary/description of your favourite book.

Still can't believe I did this, but here it is; me singing the summary of Breaking Brandon by Elizabeth Reyes. Little warning, I have little to no musical talent, so it's kind of off-key.

I love to know what you guys think and if you want to do this dare with me, definitely put the links to your video or post in the comments!

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  1. LOL *Stands up and claps!* Bravo! Bravo! Well that is hands down a first for me! So flattered you chose my book as your favorite! That was lovely! Off to RT you! <3