Review & Giveaway: Fool for Love (Montana Romance #2) by Merry Farmer

*I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review*
Eric Quinlan was born a cowboy and a rancher and intends to die a cowboy and a rancher. But when his ranch is in danger of failing, he travels to the wilds of London looking for a business deal to save it. What he finds there are stuffed shirts, odd manners, and a damsel in distress.

Amelia Elphick’s life is over. She may have been born a lady, but when she finds herself jilted by a lover who leaves her pregnant and refuses to marry her, she seems destined for a life on the streets. When her employer’s rough but handsome houseguest, Eric, offers to rescue her from ruin, she has no choice but to say yes, even if it means moving halfway around the world.

But Amelia finds herself saying yes to more than a ticket west. What starts with a harmless lie tangles Amelia and Eric in a web of desire and deceit that exposes passions and turns their worlds upside-down. Eric believes Amelia holds the key to saving his beloved ranch and giving him the family he always wanted, but can he save her from the demons of her past without losing himself in the process?

People do foolish things when they’re in love….
Amelia Elphick is a fallen woman. After her dad lost their fortune, killed himself and her mother and sisters started doing other things to keep up the good living, Amelia was fortunate to become a governess. She still believed herself to be married to Nick, unfortunately that was no longer the case, but he still took advantage of the situation. Now she is pregnant and without a place to live.

Lucky for her a Southern gentleman comes to her rescue. Eric saw how British society treated her and couldn't stand for it. He offers her the chance to come to Montana, not necessarily with him, to start fresh. Seeing this as a opportunity to leave her tarnished reputation behind, Amelia accepts.

Now before you know it things get a little steamy between them and Eric truly belies Amelia is the key to his happiness if she would only accept. Amelia believes she is no good to Eric, he's too kind and deserves better than her.

Besides the whole romantic drama, Eric has other worries on his mind. His farm is slowly going bankrupt and he doesn't have a clue why. It might have something to do with his cousin Curtis. Since Eric helped Amelia, she feels the need to repay him for his goodness and she doesn't trust Curtis. Before she leaves town, Amelia wants to know what Eric's cousin exactly is up to.

I really liked Eric. That man is so sweet and just too good, always thinking the best of people, which sometimes can be a bit naive. Still when it comes to between the sheets, the man knows what he is doing. There were a couple of times he took me by surprise though mostly when it's about Curtis. Eric gets people pretty good, but he doesn't see what his cousin has been doing or trying to do right know. Figuring he is family and family sticks together. Mostly because when it comes to it, Eric does know what Curtis is doing. It is very confusing.

Amelia was alright. I liked her for the most part until she repeatedly goes of on how she's not good enough for Eric. That's get kind of irritating after a while. Virtue is very important in British society and she is still stuck in that set of mind. Meanwhile Eric makes it often very obvious he doesn't care and just wants her, but she keeps pushing him away.

A bit of a cat and mouse game going on here, with a bit of intrigue on the side. As far as the time setting goes, I think it was spot on. I really got the feel of the old wild west, without it being all about gunslingers and. Fool for Love is a good historical romance and I enjoyed it quite a bit. All the characters were portrayed very nicely, I liked who I was supposed to like and disliked the ones you were supposed to dislike. Merry Farmer has a great writing style, so you fly through this book in no time.

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