Truth Or Dare (01/10)

Truth or Dare is a weekly meme invented by Jenna Does Books. Each week she gives you the choice between a Truth or a Dare. You are allowed to do both, but this week I've chose to do only one!

TRUTH: Tell us about the first book you read in 2014!

DARE: Give a book to a family member or friend! Talk about the book and their reaction!

With the holidays behind me I'm choosing to do DARE. So at Christmas I gave my mom a book called "Start To Swim". With the beginning of the New Year she is cutting down her hours at work and she has been saying for a while she wanted to exercise more. Hence me giving her that book (and also she very much likes to swim).

It would have been okay if my grandmother hadn't just given my mother another book. That one was about healthy eating habits etc. It's clear to say my mom thought we were ganging up on her and she wasn't so happy about it. Which wasn't the case, because my grandmother and I didn't know about each other's gift. Luckily my mom forgave us and both books are now hidden away on a shelf!

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  1. Oh dear.... That is a problem. But I hope she enjoys the reads you and your grandmother both gave her. I am sure she realizes that you two care about her and were only listening to and keeping in mind her interests. ;)

    Thanks for sharing this with us, I'm sure it meant a lot to you and probably wasn't the easiest thing to share!

    1. It definitely was an awkward Christmas moment :p

  2. Great pick! I am really looking forward to this one!
    By the way i'm loving the blog, just added 2 books to my TBR so thanks!

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