Review: Prom Impossible by Laura Pauling

1 girl + 1 prom + 3 guys = Prom Impossible!

Cassidy decides her senior year, including prom, will be about Michael Greenwood, the boy destined to be her soul mate. One problem. He hasn't figured that out yet.

But certain events meant as innocent pranks—that weren't completely her fault—introduce her to Zeke, the reformed bad boy. And cutting deals in the boys’ bathroom with Jasper, the hottest guy in school, lands her in a complicated web of half-truths that spirals out of control.

At the end of the year, she’s dateless the day before the big night but risks a lot more than her pride if she can’t find a way to fix her mistakes.

PROM IMPOSSIBLE is a modern-day Shakespearean romantic comedy in the world of teens, true love, and life.

*I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review*

I don't think I've ever come across a character that talks so much randomness and rambles so often. Cassidy is quite unique and her mouth often gets her into trouble, like getting send to Adventure Camp, because her parents just don't know what to do anymore. It's not like she plans for things to go so wrong, still somehow they always do.

We follow Cassidy from the end of her junior year all the way through her senior year. Senior year was supposed to be the year everything would fall into place. The boy she crushed on for ages would finally notice her and ask her to prom, she would finally be accepted by her peers and just have the best year ever. That's not quite how reality works though.

Cassidy made all these plans, but like I said, they don't quite work out the way she wants them to. We get to see a great portrayal of how much some people are willing to do, just to get accepted and loved by the people around her. The pitfalls of high school are definitely present and Cassidy seems a bit clueless in how to avoid those. So much can change in one year.

Throughout the story Cassidy does grow some, realizing life might be easier without making too much plans and being yourself might be enough. A bit a coming of age story, where she will realize what really is important in life.

The three boys involved in this story, were three totally different guys, giving us plenty of variation. It was pretty easy to figure out who Cassidy would end up with, but she had a lot more trouble with figuring that out. 

The overall feeling of the book seems a bit like a fairy tale. I kept grinning throughout most of the book. Though sometimes it was like watching a train wreck unfold when Cassidy put her plans in action. Still it was a very fun and quick read.

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The Author
Laura writes young adult romantic suspense and romantic comedy. She’s the author of the exciting Circle of Spies Series, and the time travel mystery, HEIST. She’s a former elementary teacher and currently lives in New England. After spending time reading books to her kids and loving a good plot turn, she put her fingers to the keyboard. Don’t ask her about the unfinished quilts and scrapbooks. Stories are way more exciting.

She writes to entertain and experience a great story…and to be able to work in her jammies and slippers.

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