Review: A Vintage Wedding by Katie Fforde

In a small Cotswold country town, Beth, Lindy and Rachel are looking for new beginnings.

So they set up in business, organising stylish and perfectly affordable vintage weddings.

Soon they are busy arranging other people's Big Days.

What none of them know is that their own romances lie waiting, just around the corner ...

*I received a copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Katie Fforde has become a household name when it comes to great British romance novels. Time after time she is able to deliver on that and you know exactly what come to expect from her. While that might be considered wonderfull, it can also become a bit dull. I feel like you need to be in the right mood for her stories and her writing to be amazed by it, otherwise it's still a very enjoyable though rather comfortable read.

Comfortable. That's the word I was looking for. Her books kind of feel like coming home. Or the setting where you read her books need to be right. Somehow for me that needs to be somewhere on holiday or a rainy Sunday (though that might have something to do with the English weather I imagine). Somewhere where you feel comfortable and will not be disturbed.

One of the things I like most about her novels, that usually we get more than one love story and this time we even get three. Beth, Lindy and Rachel have all been single for quite a while, though aren't necessarily looking for someone special. Their lives are already busy/messy enough to fit in more drama. Still when you're not expecting something, it's usually then when the magic happens.

I don't want to give anything away about their lives and potential crushes, it's always so much more fun to discover it yourself. Rachel though might have been my favourite. She's a total control freak, so quite the opposite of me, and it was fun to see her deal with more unexpected situations. Overall a very pleasant read, with relateable characters and realistic romances. Another good one for Katie Fforde.

The Author
Catherine Rose Gordon-Cumming was born 27 September 1952 in England, UK, the daughter of Shirley Barbara Laub and Michael Willoughby Gordon-Cumming. Her grandfather was Sir William Gordon-Cumming. Her sister is fellow writer Jane Gordon-Cumming. Katie married Desmond Fforde, cousin of the also writer Jasper Fforde. She has three children: Guy, Francis and Briony and didn't start writing until after the birth of her third child. She has previously worked both as a cleaning lady and in a health food cafe.

Published since 1995, her romance novels are set in modern-day England. She is the founder of the "Katie Fforde Bursary" for writers who have yet to secure a publishing contract. Katie was elected the twenty-fifteenth Chairman (2009-2011) of the Romantic Novelists' Association. She is delighted to have been chosen as Chair of the Romantic Novelists' Association and says, "Catherine Jones was a wonderful chair and she's a very tough act to follow. However, I've been a member of the RNA for more years than I can actually remember and will have its very best interests at the core of everything I do."

Katie lives in Stroud, Gloucestershire, England with her husband, some of her three children and many pets. Recently her old hobbies of ironing and housework have given way to singing, Flamenco dancing and husky racing. She claims this keeps her fit. The writers she likes herself is also in the romantic genre, like Kate Saunders.

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