Review: Close to You (Laurel Heights #2) by Kate Perry

When Treat Byrnes walks into her bookstore café, Eve Alexander wants to eat him up. Bad boy isn’t her usual flavor, but for the sexy contractor, she’s willing to take a walk on the wild side.

Treat meets Eve on a reconnaissance mission for his mother, who owns a neighboring teashop, but he keeps going back to Eve for her sweet smile and sassy shoes. He has a history of falling for damsels-in-distress, but Eve doesn’t need rescuing. Not even when her cafe is sabotaged. 

But when Treat finds out the saboteur is his own mother, he knows he has to do something before things go too far.
I already liked Eve from Perfect From You and now she is living her dream. She has her own café/bookstore/bakery going on and she is loving it, even though the bills aren't always agreeing with her. Now an opportunity has arisen which can put Grounds For Thought on the map.

Only weird things keep happening around the café, putting Eve's chance in danger. While trying to uncover who is behind the sabotage, she mustn't get distracted by hot guys like Treat. Since he first stepped inside Grounds For Thoughts and saw Eve, it's pretty much or at least lust on first sight.

What Treat and Eve don't know is that Treat's mother is behind the sabotage and what Eve also doesn't know is that his mother is her competition from across the street. You know this will all end up in drama before they can have their HEA.

Close To You is another fun and fast read. Seriously the tempo I'm reading this series is ridiculous. It's a sweet romance story, which doesn't require too much thinking and won't take you on an emotional roller-coaster ride. Great book for on the beach or any holiday really or sunday afternoon...

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