Review: Dream Of You (Laurel Heights #5) by Kate Perry

Love sucks.

Lola Carmichael's known it since her boyfriend broke up with her the night she expected him to propose. Only with a deadline looming for her next romance novel, she better find inspiration fast.

Enter arrogant sports radio DJ Sam Touchdown Taylor. Who'd have thought a playboy ex-jock would be just what she needs to get her creative juices flowing…and her heart beating again.

When Lola discovers Sam is using her to win back his dream job, she knows she should give up on Happily Ever After, but part of her hopes heroes do exist…and dreams do come true.
I didn't like Dream Of You as much as the other books in the Laurel Heights series. First of all, the story is kind of recycled from the first in the series. The heroine has lost her mojo and needs it back, because she is on a deadline and if she doesn't meet it there will be some grave consequences.

The details are different though. This time the hero (Sam) has an ulterior motive to get into her bed and he has an adorable eleven-year-old daughter. It was all pretty clear cut. Lola and Sam hook up and at first it's just a fling, but it might turn into something more. Let's just say I didn't feel the excitement. Between Sam and Lola I did, but not on the overall story.

This time the third POV had absolutely nothing to do with the main storyline, which was a disappointment and it really felt unnecessary in this book. Considering the book is only 157 pages long, you don't really need a second story line.

I feel because it was so short and then adding the second storyline is what mainly caused it to not be as good. Also if she adds a hundred pages to all of her books they could be so much better, giving them more depth. Dream Of You is still a fun read, but by now I'm used to better by Kate Perry.

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