Review: Looking For You (Laurel Heights #4) by Kate Perry

Gwendolyn Pierce has a secret. A big secret.

No one knows that the gourd artist is really the missing Grape Princess—the wine heiress who ran away fourteen years before. And that's the way Gwen likes it. No paparazzi recording her every mistake, no stern family disapproving of her life. She has her gourd shop in Laurel Heights and lives in peaceful bliss.

Until she meets Rick Clancy.

The last person she should get involved with is a private investigator who finds her as suspicious as he does sexy. Only she can't help herself, and she can't help wondering if she can trust him with her secrets—and her heart.
Finally something is happening between Gwen and Rick. The tensions has been building in the previous book and now they collide. They are still throwing words at each other, but it just was a matter of time before they caved in. The dynamic between these two was simply awesome and so fun to read.

Gwen is a wine heiress, but she left that life behind her to live in anonymity. Nobody knows who she is and she likes to keep it that way. Rick has always known Gwen was hiding something, but while trying to figure it out, he became more interested in the woman herself than the secret. Before he knows it she has captivated him. There is still the threat of uncovering Gwen's secret, but it won't be coming from Rick. That guy is in too deep.

I liked how Gwen chose her own path. To find happiness she had to leave a lot behind, but I think most was worth it.

What I also really like how there is always a third POV/character that gets their own storyline. It's short and sweet, but also gives you more insight in their thought process as they often have an influence on the main story line.

I think Looking For You has been my favourite so far. Gwen is just that little extra crazy and Rick is simply the total package. The mystery in the plot makes it a bit more interesting and the hot scenes are as delicious as ever. Another great one from Kate Perry.

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