Review: Breaking the Rules (The Breaking Series, #1) by Nicole Sturgill

This is the first story in the 'Breaking' Series. Elizabeth has always been more at home breaking steers and branding cattle than in the house cooking and cleaning but her father is pushing her to settle down and get married to the man of his choosing.

But what happens when she falls in love with a man who is completely off limits? Brody Atkinson isn't looking for love and he certainly isn't looking for any more life and death struggles but that's exactly what he finds when he meets Elizabeth McCready and the two of them uncover a plot to steal her ranch.

I first read this story when Nicole was uploading it, a chapter each day on Wattpad. It wasn't the the first story I read by her and it certainly wouldn't be the last. With my blog taking up so much time this last year, I haven't had much chance to read a lot on Wattpad, but her stories I follow with each upload. I am very proud of her on getting published.

By now she has about fifty completed works on that site and the Breaking Series is definitely one of my favourites. Breaking The Rules though is not the best of the series, in my opinion. I have had the chance to read the others and with each book it gets better and better.

Do not get me wrong Breaking The Rules is still very good. There are not a lot of historical romance novels that can catch my interest. Often they are filled with clich├ęs and do not feel authentic. This is not the case here. Sometimes it is little things like using western slang and old phrases to give it a more realistic touch, that sets it apart from other historical novels.

Elizabeth isn't your typical woman from the 1800's. Instead of always wearing dresses and worrying about finding a suitable match, she likes to wear trousers, work on the farm and marriage is the last thing on her mind. Unfortunately she will need to get married if she wants to keep that farm. Her dad has gotten very sick and his last wish is to see her happy and taken care of. Elizabeth is convinced she doesn't need a man to help her run the farm, she's practically been doing that on her own for the last couple of years.

Unfortunately her dad is very stubborn about it. If she doesn't marry, the farm will go to someone else. Elizabeth is also not allowed to choose just anybody to marry, her dad has already picked out Grant for her. A classy business man from Virginia, with ambitions in politics. Anything but a match made in heaven these two.

Seeing no other option, Elizabeth agrees. Before that can actually happen though, she is kidnapped along with the new ranch hand Brody. It seems someone does not want to see her get married or rather they want that farm.

Being stuck with Brody turns out pretty good really. Elizabeth is always talking about needing no man, but when two are about to kill her, she is glad when Brody comes to the rescue. Now all they need to do is get back to the farm. With no food, water or horse, it will be a long walk and plenty of time for these two to get to know each other very well.

From the moment Brody arrived on the farm, the tension between him and the boss lady have been intense and that only grows on their travel. Before you know it sparks are flying all around. Though a happy ending is not that easy for these two. Just when you think this is it, you realise there is another hundred pages, so things are about to go down.

Definitely a story with plenty of twists and turns that will keep you flipping the pages. The romance between Brody and Elizabeth went a little fast for my liking, but these two are so perfect for each other. They are both so stubborn and independent, constantly bickering and making up. There is this funny side to Brody that I did not expect and it is just charming. The overall ending is pretty predictable, but plenty happens in between to keep it very interesting. I think Nicole Sturgill did a wonderful job with this one. 

I can not wait for the rest of the series to come out so I can reread them!

3.5 stars
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