Review: Tall, Dark, and Divine (Bagging a Greek God #1) by Jenna Bennett

Annie Landon has given up on finding Mr. Right, and has gone out looking for Mr. Tonight instead. A conversation overheard in the bathroom of Dionysus’s Bar about a jilted and lonely "Greek god" in need of a quick pick-me-up sounds like just what she’s looking for. But picking up the god of love for a one-night stand is easier said than done--especially when he's sworn off mortals forever.

Eros has been down and out since his ex-wife left him, and falling for another mortal woman is the last thing he needs. Which means a maddening desire for the woman across the street is not in the cards. Thus begins his quest to find a match made in heaven for Annie. It's the perfect plan ... if only Eros can bear to let the girl of his dreams go.

Can a woman looking for love, and a matchmaking god who wants her to find it—with someone else—have a shot at a happy ending, or will Eros's golden arrows miss their mark, for once?

*I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Eros a.k.a. Cupid a.k.a. God of Love has been depressed ever since his mortal wife left him to run of with a Viking. Since then he has given up on love and well it has been affecting his matchmaking business.

Meanwhile Annie Landon is all about finding love, but after waiting years for the right guy, she wouldn't mind going for the right now guy like Eros. Which is not going to happen if it depends on him. Eros no longer does mortal women, but he does want to help Annie find love.

After giving it a push it all ends kind of terribly. Annie gets publicly humiliated, giving her confidence another shove down. Eros of course feels terrible and tries to console her. After trying a second time and again ending with the same results for Annie, the consoling goes a big step further.

Still Eros is hell bend on not admitting he might have feelings again for a mortal. So he keeps plotting Annie's love life, with disastrous results and pushing her away from him into another man's arms. It is only a matter of time before Eros comes to his senses and realises he does want Annie in his life.

Tall, Dark and Divine is fun, though predictable. We all know the ending before we start reading it. All the characters are pretty great, but they do lack some depth. Especially Dion will make you chuckle a couple of times.

I did like the idea of the Greek Gods running a matchmaking business and all the drama that comes with it. So a very unique concept, only the execution could be a bit better.

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