Review: Pulse by Rhea Wilde

Out for an evening on the town with her friend, hard-working student Alice Pratt celebrates her impending graduation from college with a one-night stand. She runs into the same man on another night out and the two agree to another casual encounter. But the couple agrees not to exchange names to assure that their fling remains just that.

Alice then turns her attention to finding a new job. The determined college graduate lucks out when she's granted an interview with one of the biggest companies in the city. But things change when the billionaire who is looking to hire her, Rafael Barnett, looks unexpectedly familiar. She accepts the job and quickly absorbs herself into her work but not without acknowledging the moment the two of them shared together just nights before.

As she continues to work for him, Alice learns more about the mysterious billionaire and what makes him tick. Rafael proves to be as suave and charming as he seemed initially and Alice finds herself falling even more for him. She senses similar feelings stirring within Rafael but he continues to hold back. Alice is suddenly tasked with trying to balance the pressure of work while trying to come to terms with her feelings for a man who's unlike anybody she's ever met.

I am not sure where to start, because it all want pretty well until Alice decided to be needy and clingy. Alice and Rafael met at a bar, they did not exchange names or numbers, but did do it in a public place. It was all very fun and exciting and it was just for one night. The next time these two run into each other, Rafael is about to hire Alice as an intern on the board of directors.

This was what I liked the most about Alice, how driven she was work-wise. Not letting their encounter get to her head and focus on what is important i.e. her new job and career. Rafael made it very clear he did not hire her because of what happened between them, but he hired her for her impressive resume. He also made it very clear no one was ever to know what happened between them and there would not be a repeat.

At first Alice seemed okay with this, but when she gets to know her boss better she starts feeling even more attracted to him. He is not just a pretty face with an incredible body, he is also nice, funny and etc. Honestly Rafael really is a dreamy guy, he would be perfect if it wasn't for that little fact that he is Alice's boss.

When Alice can no longer hold herself, she pretty much throws herself at him. Now Rafael is of course still very attracted to her, but he is also looking out for her. Here is where the problems started for me. Alice seems to be ready to throw her reputation and career on line for the chance to do the nasty with her boss and possibly more. While at least Rafael is sound of mind. He at first refuses because he is afraid that if people find out they will no longer respect Alice and think she slept her way to the top.

It seems that Alice doesn't really care about what people might think, which made no sense for me. She worked so hard to get that job, she was so focused on getting a great career, but getting down and dirty with Rafael is suddenly more important? I do not get it and I lost most of my respect for her for choosing that. I have more respect for Rafael, he is longer able to withstand the attraction and he is putting her first, even if that means he's not getting any.

Then that ending was just weird. It is not a cliff-hanger, but is very open ended. As in I am missing the other half of this story. Now there is a second book, where the story continues. Seeing the way this one ended, I have the feeling these two books could have easily been one. Also there were not that many steamy scenes (like 4 or so) as expected. Overall the writing is very well done and I really like the character Rafael, but the way the plot developed and then that ending was just a turn off. I am not even curious about the second book.


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