#WattpadWednesday: The Kissing Booth (The Kissing Booth #1) by Beth Reekles

Wattpad Wednesday is a new weekly meme, where I review books that originated on Wattpad. So it can be published now and removed from Wattpad or currently still on this site. There is some crazy talent on that website and through this I want to help spread the word :)

This week I'm reviewing The Kissing Booth by Beth Reekles. After having more than three million reads on Wattpad, her story got published by Random House UK when she was only seventeen. Recently she even sold the movie rights to The Kissing Booth.

Meet Rochelle Evans: pretty, popular--and never been kissed. Meet Noah Flynn: badass, volatile--and a total player. And also Elle's best friend's older brother...

When Elle decides to run a kissing booth for the school's Spring Carnival, she locks lips with Noah and her life is turned upside down. Her head says to keep away, but her heart wants to draw closer--this romance seems far from fairy tale and headed for heartbreak.

But will Elle get her happily ever after?

I remembered reading this story on Wattpad, anxiously waiting for the next chapter as I wanted to know what was happening between Rochelle and Noah. While I still very much like it, it doesn't have quite the same appeal as back then. It's been four years, so I've grown older and my taste in books has also changed with me. Rereading this now I very much realize that it is aimed at pure Young Adults.

It's a book written by a seventeen-year-old for a seventeen-year-old or even younger, which is not a bad, it's just the way it is. I still enjoyed it and I definitely got into the story. Rochelle is a very fun character. I could comprehend her hesitation towards Noah and her fear for losing Lee, her best friend. She's definitely making it more complex than it needs to be, but to me that screams just typical teenager. The highs, the lows and everything in between.

Noah wasn't that bad as everyone made him out to be. Yes, he has control and anger management issues, but they mostly come out when it involves Rochelle. He's not a bad guy, he just needs to grow a pair. It's clearly from the beginning what is going on between these two. There's definitely plenty of tension and it seems they like to yell and shout at each other. Let's call it a fine line between love and hate.

I do feel the story could have ended sooner and that's not something you hear me say often. It feels that the drama got a bit dragged after a certain point. What surprised me the most though was that ending, there is definitely the possibility for a second book.

It's a sweet and light romance, that young adults will love. There are definitely some unrealistic parts, but I can imagine that fourteen-year-olds dream that this is how it feels like to be seventeen.

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The Author
Beth Reekles is a young author from Newport in South Wales. She's an undeniable bookworm and an avid drinker of tea. Beth has been writing on platforms such as Wattpad, to great acclaim, for a year or so: her first novel, The Kissing Booth, which she wrote at the age of fifteen, was the most-viewed, most-commented-on teen fiction title on the site, with over 19 million reads and 40,000 comments. The Kissing Booth was winner of the Most Popular Teen Fiction Watty Award, and was also shortlisted for the Young Adult Romance Novel of the Year in the 2014 RNAs.

Beth has a three-book deal with Random House, and has published her books The Kissing Booth, Rolling Dice, and Out of Tune with them.

She's currently an undergraduate of Physics at Exeter University.

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