#WattpadWednesday: Voice Addiction by Lilian R. Dale

I wanted to introduce something new called Wattpad Wednesday. Basically this means once a week I will read and review a book that originated on Wattpad. So it can be published now and removed from Wattpad or currently still on this site. There is some crazy talent on that website and through this I want to help spread the word :)

This week I've read and reviewed Voice Addiction by Lilian R. Dale a.k.a. dizzy_panda. This story was one of favorites on Wattpad. It's always interesting to reread some stories and see, because how I've changed over the years, how my opinion on some stories has changer or how I experience them. 

Of one thing she was sure: it can't be normal to get addicted to a voice, no matter how charming it is. It all started because of a small mistake. Something so trivial, it could happen to anyone. Could it be that there are no coincidences?

This story was written about three years ago and I have no idea how old the author is, so that makes it difficult to see if it matches with the writing skills.

I really liked the setup of the story. Sophie just had the worst day and want to vent about it to her best friend. Instead she dials one wrong number and gets Adrian on the line. Now what you need to know about Sophie is that she has a tendency to ramble and is melodramatic, which apparently is very entertaining to Adrian.

These two start talking about everything and nothing. While Adrian, after a while, wants to meet, Sophie is a bit more skeptical. She's afraid it would ruin everything. Her self-confidence isn't that great, which I can understand. I think she's about sixteen or something and she made this great connection with a guy she has never really met, of course she is going to be hesitant.

Though at times Sophie could be frustrating. The girl is drama with a capital D. She and Adrian fight about as much as they have normal conversations. At times that could get tiresome. Sophie means well, she just has trouble expressing herself.

We don't know much about Adrian, only through the phone calls with Sophie. He's very confident, a basketball player, popular and according to Sophie therefore out of her league. I really liked the "advice" he was always giving to Sophie, a guy's perspective on her problems.

The characters were pretty great and so was the storyline. When reading this you must not forget that it's a first draft, so there are bound to be mistakes. There is the overuse of red-haired and blue-eyed, and some minor editing mistakes that can easily be corrected. It is clearly aimed at teenagers and I think most adults will not enjoy it, but that's okay because they are not the target audience. All in all not a bad first try and I would even say a pretty good one.

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