Review: Delete (Shift #3) by Kim Curran

The country is at war. Beset by enemies within and without. And all because of the decisions changed by one boy, Scott Tyler. In this ravaged alternative world, Scott hardly recognises himself. He's a war hero, a leader of a unit of Shifters and maybe the only one who can prevent the country's frail defences from crumbling.

But all Scott wants to do is find a way back to the reality he knew, without losing the girl he loves. With every Shift he makes, Scott edges closer towards oblivion. With no one to trust - not even himself - how much is he willing to risk to get home?

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So last time we saw Scott, he and Frankie were falling to their death. He was forcing her to undo one of her decisions, and with that saving Aubrey and undoing all the evil with the children. The new reality he crashes into though is not just foreign, it's disastrous.

Thanks to Frankie's shift, Scott is now in a reality where the world is at war and he and Aubrey never met before. Scott still has that special talent of being able to keep hold on previous realities and he's having trouble coping with this new one. Even him as a person is completely different in this world. He's the head of A.R.E.S. or as they are called now S3 and it seems he's a lot colder and calculated.

While trying to figure out what's going on, he still needs to lead his people hopefully to victory. Every moment in between he's looking for a shift that can change it all back, the pivot point where everyone still lives and Project Ganymede isn't happening.

Slowly along with Scott we find out the motivation and reasoning of this world Tyler. It's hard to see how different they are. Scott is reconnecting with what are supposed to be old friends, but it seems they've never met before. It's all very confusing for him and difficult to keep his distance from certain people. If he acts out too much of character, they will know something is wrong.

In the previous books Scott always had his friends helping him out and now he's on his own, once again trying to save he loves and doing the right thing. The vibe of this story felt a bit different towards the previous books. Never before has there been a shift this big, with consequences like this. I really was wondering how Scott would be able to save the day, how far he was willing to go.

The ending therefore took me a bit by surprise, but I am happy with it. Somehow it feels like a full circle, though I am curious what the future will bring for Scott. Shift is a great trilogy. Because of all the possibilities you have thanks to shifting, you get three completely different stories. Scott is an amazing young man and I found it fascinating to see how he dealt with his abilities. I know everyone has ever wondered "what if" and here we get to see it really happen. That is why Scott's last shift is so wonderful. It all comes back to the beginning.

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The Author
Kim was born in Dublin and moved to London when she was seven. She got her first typewriter when she was eight, had a poem she wrote about a snail published in a magazine when she was nine, and that was it – Kim was hooked on writing.

Because she never thought she’d actually be able to make a living as a writer, she decided she needed a trade to fall back on. So, naturally, she went to Sussex University to study philosophy.

While Kim’s plan of being paid big bucks to think deep thoughts never quite worked out, she did land a job as a junior copywriter with an ad agency a week after graduating. She’s worked in advertising ever since, specialising in writing for videogames.

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