#WattpadWednesday: Cupid's Granddaughter by GermanSam

Wattpad Wednesday is a new weekly meme, where I review books that originated on Wattpad. So it can be published now and removed from Wattpad or currently still on this site. There is some crazy talent on that website and through this I want to help spread the word :)

Cupid's Granddaughter is the first book in the Cupid Series and there's a good reason why it has 8.5 million reads. GermanSam might be young, but girl's got some serious talent.

Amore, Liebe, Amour, No matter what language you say it in it means love and it's Peyton's job. Her grandfather is Cupid and he's hired her as his newest apprentice against her own will. And now he says that he wants to hand the business over to her? No thank you! The hours suck and there's only one rule: no falling in love. It's simple since Peyton isn't looking for love. But it seems that Cupid's arrow is best shot through the heart when you're least expecting it. With one final challenge before taking over the business, Peyton has to find the soul mate of the only immortal thing allowed to live on Earth: a fallen angel. Easier said than done.

While the characters are mostly mythological, this really is a story about love. Peyton is the granddaughter of Eros a.k.a. Cupid, matchmaking is in her blood. She enjoys her job well, it also kind of bums to put all those couples together and never experience love herself. So far it hasn't been a big issue as she has never encountered anyone she likes.

When Eros announces his retirement, Peyton isn't too happy about the fact that she has to take over and even worse she has to earn it. For the first time she has to find love for an immortal, which is way harder because there simply aren't that many immortals to begin with. She also has to keep a close eye on the relationship, making sure everything goes alright.

The first time Peyton and Nate meet, they don't leave the best impression on each other. Though after some explaining, Peyton is able to convince Nate to let her help him find love. This is the beginning of them spending a lot of time together and I really liked how things developed between them.

They are both pretty great characters. Peyton might come across as a bit of a cynic in the beginning, but you get to realize there is a good reason why she tends to keep her distance. It's pretty terrible actually. So while her feelings towards Nate might change, she can never act on it. Add the fact she's not allowed to date any of her assigned cases and I could definitely comprehend why she's so reluctant.

Nate is a fallen angel, thrown out of heaven for doing the nasty. I like him already. The whole situation with Peyton helping him find love is a bit weird, but he's no fool and gladly accepts her help. Though the situation becomes more complicated when he becomes more interested in Peyton than into his dates.

Even though they are all mythical, I loved how real the characters feel. Peyton literally has greek drama going on in her life, so she likes to stay on earth and be as normal as can be. While Nate might have been an angel, the guys is still a slob with a temper. There is this obvious instant attraction between them, because they are both immortal and that means extremely good looks. Still there was no instant love, you get to see this connection between them grow slowly.

We get this great and fun love story with a dash of mythical background and I liked it a lot. I do admit for having a weakness when it comes to mythology, especially greek. All the characters were very enjoyable, some a bit cliche, but that works because those greek gods are not 'real people.' I honestly believe GermanSam should publish this story (after some basic editing and formatting), I think a lot of people would enjoy it as well.

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My name is Samantha and I am part German hence the name of GermanSam! I'm a writer on Fictionpress and Wattpad. I love to write romance novels and hear from my fans! You can like my page for more updates on my life and stories!

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