Music Monday (Sep. 15)

Music Monday is a weekly book meme. Everyone can join in, you just have to do the following:
  • Choose a book or a scene from a book.
  • Choose a song that fits said book or scene.
  • Tell us why you paired them together.
  • Don't forget to share the title and author.
  • Be careful not to include spoilers!

The Hit by Allen Zadoff was probably my most refreshing read last week. A teenage soldier, whose job it is to get in, blend in, do the job and get out. Never making friends, never making any real connections and living from the outside looking in. This all gives it a darker undertone and somehow I kept hearing the soundtrack of Queen Of The Damned in my head, the rock in perfect harmony with the action in this story. 

I honestly have no idea what these lyrics mean and they're open to a lot of different interpretations, I think. Still the rhythm, the words and the dual voice, somehow it all makes sense in my mind to fit this together. 

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