#WattpadWednesday: Argonaut - The Kinetic (Part I) by Christian Petersen

Wattpad Wednesday is a new weekly meme, where I review books that originated on Wattpad. So it can be published now and removed from Wattpad or currently still on this site. There is some crazy talent on that website and through this I want to help spread the word :)

It's been a while since I've read any science fiction, so this week I'm reviewing The Kinetic by Christian Petersen a.k.a. Fairfax5. The story hasn't been read very often, but I feel this has more to do with the Wattpad's audience whom overall prefer romance and humor to science fiction, than with the quality of Christian's work. I honestly believe people are missing out.

Heroes aren't born, they’re shaped by the events that both create and destroy their lives. Forced into an ancient war between powerful races, David Constantine must come to terms with death and destiny while trying to balance what he was, and what he has become. Personal vengeance ensues on a journey of reclamation, and acceptance of what is forever lost.

At what point do you stop trying to be human again? How far until you let go of everything you ever knew? David was normal; shaped by world-shattering events in a struggle to survive, he changes into something else entirely. Something new, something dangerous. Welcome to Valhalla, and the end of the world as we know it.

David Constantine is a teenager who discovers he's not quite like any other teenager. Suddenly he can run faster than a car, he can move things with his mind and he has all this power running through his veins. Though that's not nearly all. It seems he's also a key player in this eons old war.

As with every war there have been casualties and when the bad guys go after the people David cares about, it's on like Donkey Kong. A bit hell bend on revenge, David gets sucked into this war, making new friends and enemies, discovering the full extent of his abilities and finding out his purpose in this all. Though nobody counted on him being very strong willed, sarcastic and extremely stubborn. They might need him, but not everyone will like him. See if he cares.

There were quite some surprises throughout the story. David is a most interesting character and I liked him a lot. While he might have these powers, he's still very much a teenager. He can be very single minded, has a tendency to speak and act before thinking about all the possible consequences and there is this obvious dislike with let's call them authority figures. Though they were some parts I had more trouble with, for example his easiness with killing the people. Even though it were the bad guys, to me this often more felt like his temper got out of control. While so far things have worked out pretty well for him, all things considering, I do wonder what would happen if they didn't.

The story took some unexpected turns in the plot here and there, making some parts of it less believable. Though the action throughout definitely kept it from being a boring read. I believe Christian has done an excellent job with this story. It still needs some editing and fine tuning, but it's a pleasure to read. If you like science fiction or just reading about a boy with super powers discovering what it takes to be a hero, then this is a story for you.

The Author
I'm an Aussie metalhead and full time Uni student. The Kinetic was the first thing I wrote, and it sure as hell shows with the metric ton of mistakes, but as I got practice I like to think that I improved a little. I'll fix them up sooner or later, but I'm lazy. What I write is far from the best, but it's enough for me and I really hope you enjoy it. If you like In Hearts Wake, Dream On Dreamer, Alter Bridge or Parkway Drive, I already love you.

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