Review: He Followed Me Home by Nicole Sturgill

Francine has always had a gift. She has always been able to sense ghosts and she loved the paranormal. However, when she went civil war ghost hunting she never expected for one to follow her home. She expected even less to have said ghost turn out to be the man she'd always dreamed of. She hadn't expected him to fall in love with her or to fall in love with him. But that is exactly what happened. But, surely this is crazy and nothing could make this relationship work... could it?

*I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Whenever I'm reviewing something of Nicole Sturgill, just know I've first read it on Wattpad. Nicole has come a long way since the first stories she posted there, still one thing remains the same, she writes very fluently and that drags me in. Seriously you start reading this and before you know it two hours or more have past, without you realizing it.

He Followed Me Home is a fine book with an original concept. Wyatt is a hundred-something-year-old ghost. He died during the Civil War and is still there where he died. Being invisible, never being able to talk to someone, to touch someone, it gets kind of lonely. Meeting Francine is the last thing he expected. She can see and hear him. His first human contact since he died. Wanting to keep that connection, he decides to follow her home.

Francine has always been in touch with the occult. Normally though that doesn't mean talking and actually seeing ghosts. When Wyatt follows her home, she's not happy about it. Slowly they get to know each other better and honestly he's everything a girl could wish for, except he's dead. Just one tiny obstacle to overcome.

Since there seems to be some connection between Wyatt and Francine, they decide to explore things further. Things become even weirder and paranormal factor grows. Even if she could be with a ghost, that is not the life you want or at least that is not what Wyatt wants for her.

I really liked the general concept and plot, very fun. Though a couple of times things do get a bit too much, with too much twists that just drags the story a bit. Wyatt is a great character. With him being from the 1800's, makes him totally different from men nowadays. He's very polite, protective, loyal, says what's on his mind. It's a pleasure to read about him.

Francine was an okay character to me. In the beginning there is this whole deal with a boyfriend I don't understand. She seems so strong and independent, then this guy turns her into someone she's absolutely not. Other than that there is not much to say about her, though she does have a pretty cool job.

Read this book if you're looking for a light, fun paranormal story.

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